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Image of Rectangular Brass Shape Earrings

Rectangular Brass Shape Earrings


Brass earrings with gold filled wires. They measure 3 inches long by 1 inches wide.


Image of Round and round Image of Round and round
Round and round
Image of El pasillo
El pasillo
Image of El Anza
El Anza
Image of Long O Brass earrings
Long O Brass earrings
Image of Small brass shape
Small brass shape
Image of Square medium brass shapes
Square medium brass shapes
Image of Oval brass shape
Oval brass shape
Image of Brass shapes 3
Brass shapes 3
Image of Big Brass Shapes 1
Big Brass Shapes 1
$75.00 — On sale
Image of Big Brass shapes 2
Big Brass shapes 2
$75.00 — On sale
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